Family Photos

Relatives in Sweden, mostly Andersson  Jul. 1991, click on Sweden1

Creek at Grandmother (Vigert) Olson childhood home site  Jul. 1991, click on Sweden2

Roger at Grandmother (Vigert) Olson childhood home site  Jul. 1991, click on Sweden3

Maria's school photo, Sep. 2012, click on Maria 2012

Maria's school photo, Mar. 2007, click on Maria 2007

Maria's school photo, Mar. 2006, click on Maria 2006

Maria's school photo, Mar. 2005, click on Maria 2005

Maria and Patrick, May 2003, click on Maria and Patrick

Maria Thanksgiving 2004, click on Maria

Maria June 2005, click on Maria

Patrick Nov. 2003, click on Patrick

Patrick June 2005, click on Patrick

Gary Brown, Roger Root, Keith Williams click on The Guys

Shelby Root, click on Shelby Root

Shelley, Tucker, Dave Root, click on Tucker's Graduation

Dave Root working in San Francisco, 2004, click on Dave Root

Dave Root Family in Hawaii October 2004, click on Hawaii

Dave, Shelby, and her award, June 2005, click on Dave and Shelby

Shelby at the White House, June 2006, click on Shelby at the white house

Shelby's high school graduation day, June 17, 2010, click on Shelby graduation

Tucker Root caught his first ocean fish, a shark, 2011, click on  Shark

Maria at Santa Cruz beach July 2015, click on Maria

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