Worldwide Travel Talks of Tucson, Arizona


Worldwide Travel Talks meets once a month, on a Sunday, October through May, at the Oro Valley Public Library. This library is located at 1305 W Naranja Drive, in the Northwest Tucson area.  Southwest corner of Naranja and La Canada Roads, use Naranja to enter. Participants of the group meet to enjoy presentations which may include slides, videos, photographs, brochures, etc. of their trips. We have no dues, nor elected officers.

Meetings are held from 2:30 PM until 4:30 PM at the library auditorium. All are welcome to attend. For further information please call Gordon McCall at 520-797-3162 (,  Dolores Rohrer at 520-296-1986 (, or Dick Englert at 520-721-8857 (

The International Travel News magazine provides our club with publicity. A link to their web page is located at the bottom of this page.

No travel trips are organized by this group. We do not entertain contact from travel agents.

* some holiday or library auditorium booking exceptions 

2016/2017 tentative program schedule:

March 11, 2018  A Passage to the Amazon   (shown in 3 parts in March, April and May. 

 These 3 parts represent traveling from Rome 6,000 miles to Manaus, Brazil on the Amazon River, and visiting and learning about 3 continents -  Europe, Africa, and South America)

    HIGHLIGHTS PT 1:  We visit and explore Naples, Italy with an extensive educational tour of nearby fascinating Roman Pompeii,  discover Palermo and Western Sicily’s history and culture,  walk and learn about Tunisia’s old Tunis town and Carthage and its impressive ancient civilization, and conclude at the famous Tunisian archeological Bardo Museum.      Presenter:  Gordon McCall

April 8, 2018  Passage to the Amazon, Part 2:   Morocco, Senegal, and Cape Verde Islands

   HIGHLIGHTS:   In Northwest and Western Africa we explore the geography, history and cultures of these locations. Specific highlights:   In Casablanca, Morocco we enter Islam’s 2nd largest Mosque and learn the fundamentals of the Islamic religion.   On an island near Dakar, Senegal we walk and discover one of Africa’s primary Atlantic Slave Trade embarkation centers and expand our knowledge of this dark period of human history.   On the principal island of Cape Verde Islands west of Senegal we visit a fish processing factory, learn about its past slave trade activity and Portuguese traditions, and note the diversity of ethnic and racial heritage here.    Presenter:   Gordon McCall

May, 2018  Passage to the Amazon,  Part 3:  Brazil and the Amazon River

   HIGHLIGHTS:  Sail with us across the Atlantic Ocean and 1,000 miles west up the world’s longest Amazon River.   On excursions in a larger industrial river city,   two guided jungle walking explorations, and a self-guided walk through an indigenous native river village we accumulated and share experiences of both the natural Amazon River Basin’s incredibly rich biodiversity, beauty, climates, and environmental threats  and the river’s human history and cultures and its regional and global environmental impacts.   Presenter:   Gordon McCall  

The below listed presentation is delayed until a later date:   Bhutan: Himalayan Hidden Treasure of Flora and Fauna

   HIGHLIGHTS:  This narrated slide presentation by two veteran Bhutan travelers brings our attention to Bhutan’s remarkable ancient spiritual commitment to biological diversity and preservation. Botanists consider Bhutan one big beautiful and diverse park.  From birds to elephants and tigers its fauna population is healthy and abundant in part due to its spiritual tradition of limited or no hunting and fishing.        Presenters:  Charles and Mala Simmons  

June, July, August & September, there will be no meetings.

List of the past Ten years of programs:


Nov. – Ireland & the UK  – Roger & Bettye Root

Dec - The Balknas - Phyllis & Nordien Jackson  


Jan. – Morocco – Joan & Fred Frech

Feb. –  Route of the Maya – Bill Klett

Mar. –  The Fjords of Norway – Ken Macleish

Apr. – Easter Island & Peru - Phyllis & Nordien Jackson

May - Vietnam & Cambodia – Karen Hahn

Sept. - Indonesia & Bali – Karen Hahn

Oct. – Mexico , visit to Mata Ortiz – Katy & Mary Jo

Nov. – Cruise Florida to Italy – Roger & Bettye Root

Dec. – Cruise Italy to Rio de Janeiro – Karen Hahn


Jan. – Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, & South Africa – Karen Hahn

Feb. – Rhine – Mosel river trip – Bill Klett

Mar. – Spain, Portugal, and a bit of Morocco – Bill Klett

Apr. – India – Jan & Chuck McGary

May – River Cruise – Amsterdam to Black Sea – Fred & Joan Frech

Sept. – Trinidad & Tobago – Dave Hamlin

Oct. – Argentina – Jack & Katheryn Goldthorpe

Nov. – Namibia – Dick Englert and Dee Rohrer

Dec. – Egypt & Jordan – Karen Hahn


Jan. –   Louvre Museum – Jan & Chuck McGary

Feb. – 40 years of travel – Bill Klett

Mar. – Borneo – Dick Englert and Dee Rohrer

Apr. – India & Bhutan – Karen Hahn

May. – Scandinavia – Jan & Chuck McGary

Sept. – Cruise - South American, Pacific side – Roger & Bettye Root

Oct. – Cruise – Japan , South Korea , & China – Karen Hahn

Nov. – Bordeaux, Loire, & Carcassonne – Dick Englert and Dee Rohrer

Dec. – Prado Museum in Madrid – Jan & Chuck McGary


Jan. – Romania & Germany – Phyllis & Nordien Jackson

Feb. – Maritime Provinces of Canada – Bill Klett

Mar. – Route of the Maya – Karen Hahn

Apr. – Walking Tuscany & Umbria – Gordon McCall

May – South Africa , Swaziland , & Lesotho – Dick Englert and Dee Rohrer

Sept. – Bicycle Tour of Europe – Richard Burns

Oct. – Turkey’s Magical Hideaways – Karen Hahn

Nov. – South India & Sri Lanka – Dick Englert and Dee Rohrer

Dec. – Inca Empire & Machu Picchu – Gordon McCall


Jan. – Walking the Dordogne River Valley – Gordon McCall

Feb. – Patagonia , Tierra Del Fuego & Chilean Fjords – Dick Englert and Dee Rohrer

Mar. - The Riches of Rome - Jan McGary 

Apr. - Tanzania and Rwanda - Karen Hahn 

May - Gilded Age - Jan McGary 

Sept. - Switzerland from the village of Murren – Karen Hahn

Oct. - South Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic - Jan McGary

Nov. - The Baltic Capitals, St. Petersburg and Moscow - Dick Englert and Dee Rohrer

Dec. - A Path Less Traveled: Hiking in France - Gordon McCall


Jan. - Dick Englert and Dee Rohrer - North and South Islands of New Zealand

Feb. – Willy and Steve Campos - Romania and Moldova:  Transylvania to Transdniestr

Mar. - Karen Hahn - Napal

Apr. - Dick Englert and Dee Rohrer - Africa

May - John & Gayle Swarbrick - Turkey 

Sept. - Switzerland from the village of Murren (enhanced) – Karen Hahn

Oct. - A pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, Spain - Richard Burns

Nov. - Gordon McCall - ancient Khmer Empire and its once lost city of temples at Angkor

Dec. -  Karen Hahn - Vietnam 


Jan. - Willy & Steve Campos - Cruising to Dubai and beyond 

Feb. - Dick Englert and Dee Rohrer - The Five Stans

Mar. - Karen Hahn - A Russian River Cruise

Apr. - Willy and Steve Campos - Mexico

May. - Dick Englert and Dee Rohrer - Burma and Laos 

Sept. - Roger and Bettye Root -  Eastern & Southern Caribbean on the Noordam

Oct. - John & Gayle Swarbrick - Galapagos Islands and a short tour of Quito

Nov. - Gordon McCall - Croatia 

Dec. - Karen Hahn - Nicaragua and Costa Rica 


Jan. - Willy and Steve Campos - Self-Drive South African Safari with Swaziland and Lesotho

Feb. - Dick Englert and Dee Rohrer - Portugal and Maderia Island

Mar. Dave Hamlin - Iceland

April - Karen Hahn - Finland and Norway

May - Dick Englert and Dee Rohrer - The best of Kenya and Tanzania

Oct. - Dick Englert and Dee Rohrer - The Jewels of Bohemia (Berlin, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary)

Nov. - Karen Hahn - Southern Peru and Boliva - Lake Titicaca 

Dec. - Roger and Bettye Root - Panama Canal Cruise


Jan. - Willy and Steve Campos - Islands of the South Pacific

Feb. - Dave Hamlin -  Sakhalin Island and Vladivostok - The Russian Far East

Mar. - Dick Englert and Dee Rohrer - A Different Australia 

Apr. - Gordon McCall - Tibet - an uncensored story 

May - Gordon McCall - Bhutan: A Mythological Shangri-la or a Modern Utopia  

Oct. - Gordon McCall - Walking the Dordogne River Valley of South Central France

Nov. - Gordon McCall - A Luxury Barge Cruise of Burgundy, Grace Canals

Dec. - Fran Wylder - Zimbabwe


Jan. - Gordon McCall - Independant exporations of Normandy, France

Feb - Dick Englert  - Visiting and Learning the "5 Stans" of Central Asia

Mar. - Willy and Steve Campos - A taste of India without getting deli-belly

Apr. Gordon McCall - I love Paris - exploration of the city of light

May - Dick Englert  - Cruising the United Kingdom and Ireland

Oct. - Gordon McCall Let's Go Dutch - Traveling the lakes, Rivers, and Canals of the Netherlands.

Nov. - Charles and Marla Simmons - Bhutan - Mystical Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom

Dec. - Willy and Steve Campos - Orangutans and Dragons in Indonesia


Jan. - Gordon McCall - Bhutan 

Feb. - Dick Englert - Cruising from Dubai to Venice



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